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Real name
22:24:49 Jul 23rd 10 - Mr. Void:

I can't resign because I don't recall what I put for real name, obviously I didn't use my actual name because there is no point. Wouldn't it be wise to at least have that in the sign up email sent to us.

Anyways I've tried all I could remember, I'm assuming I need admin help or I'll need to make another account again?

22:43:03 Jul 23rd 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Panthershark <--- thats what you used.

22:47:00 Jul 23rd 10 - Mr. Void:

Got it

23:12:59 Jul 23rd 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

Mr Void it is in the sign up email sent to us.  Otherwise I would never remember the name I used for it as I was also an idiot and didn't use my real name.

01:01:20 Jul 24th 10 - Mr. Eternal Void:

Ya I found it in the password retrieval email, turns out it was just clever enough that I thought it was just more of the automated portion of the email.

I'm a dolt.

00:13:10 Jul 27th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

Panthershark? LOL!!!!

And yes, there IS a reason to use your real name. SO YOU CAN RESIGN. xD!!!!

01:05:02 Jul 27th 10 - Mr. Ignis The Dark:

:) i even did that

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