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Resign Restart Problem
04:42:20 Sep 19th 11 - Mr. Edward:

I would like to ask, is there a way to resign/resign without this "real name" option?
I must have put something rp in there as real name, dont know what...
So now I am not able to restart...

Resign / Restart

If you are near death and only have a few cities and armies left you can choose to resign. Your armies will then disband and the native people will take ownership of your cities.

Your password:
Your real name:

Suggestions to what I could do?
What are my options?

04:47:46 Sep 19th 11 - Dragon (Sir Guardian):

send yourself a forgotten password email and it will have your real name as you used it in the email

05:57:02 Sep 19th 11 - Mr. Edward:

The e-mail adress I was using when I started playing several years ago was hacked and I am not using that address any more.  I tried changing it but its still asking me my real name, dont know why the option keeps coming...

What can I do ?

06:17:18 Sep 19th 11 - Mr. Corgi:

Try asking him in game for help with this. Just send a PM to Admin. 

Worth a shot!

08:46:35 Sep 19th 11 - Endless (Ms. Hippolyta Hall):

might try typing in your real name also (or am I the only newb who used my real name?) :D

15:03:50 Sep 19th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Ashe II):

No worries endless :D
I used mine too

16:52:35 Sep 19th 11 - Mr. Edward:

I sent him a letter ingame, asked either to change my e-mail address or change my real name... And no, didnt put rl name unfortunatelly :(

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