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Resource Bonus Per City Size
17:52:26 Dec 19th 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Rodcet Nife):

I have always been curious what the numbers are for bonus and non-bonus resources of different production cities of different sizes. To clarify: granted you build the perfect ratio, what is the normal income of gold, trees, and food for a 6400, 14.4k, 25.6k and so on, and what is the bonus income of gold, trees, and food for the same?

The reason I am interested in knowing is basically because of flaws on the maps. For example: on shatteredworlds we all know that the proxemics of tree lines and mountain ranges are rather sketchy (hence some blockers never block, etc.). How does this effect building cities nearby for bonus production? There are many small patches of trees comingled with the mountains on shattererdworlds - so as I'm building a lumber mill next to one, I'd like to know if I'm receiving the correct bonus (trees not mountains) or none at all. Same with the small, skinny rivers on vuQ and karta3.

Thanks for any helpful input you have on this.

18:57:50 Dec 19th 13 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

Would be nice to know. Always seems a bit strange how it works to me.

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