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Science Priorities
21:58:01 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. William Nir:

What are the science priorities for every race? What order do you go for each race? I know that sometimes it's situational, but assume that it's under the ideal condition.

23:46:50 Jul 2nd 11 - Ms. Blues Clues:

Dwarves- ideal farming conditions, you'll go mining up to 7-10 (depending on preferences, of course) then go up with mili a fair bit (I'd say minimum of 8, but possibly 10 with dwarf) then medicine 4-5 and the rest are dump sciences.

Orc- I usually rush to mili 8-9 and then put some into mining, depending on how aggressive I'm being. (6-7) and then medicine 3-5. Rest being dump sciences.
(with orc, you'll want to be pretty active and aggressive, so mili first is suggested always)

There's also adding in magic with orc, up to 6-7 (depending on preference, but 6 gives aotd and 7 gives all the more important goodies, though I suggest this for those who know how to mix magic into their strat) Aotding heavily may still be viable with pure naz armies, after the aotd nerf goes live, so thought I'd mention it. Anywho, then mili to 7-8, and medicin as high as possible. 

Halfling- personally, this is a very strong OOP race, and their sciences are expensive. So I start with mili, if I'm going attacker/grunt, almost always. Up to 7, but I'll try 8 if time is not a problem. Then mining 5-6 and then medicine 3-4. Maybe 2-5 farming sciences, but relying on the food market for profit is iffy, at best, sometimes. lol

There's also mage halfling, which I've found to be very effective, when done right. Simply magic 6-7 (7 is quite a jump and may need some good stging or farming to get there in a timely manner) but can be quite effective once they get there. Everything else, from that point, are dump sciences. Mainly depends on how you choose to structure your economy, for those. Mili and other sciences take a backseat, as this is pure maging setup, and hard to be aggressive without mixing magic heavily into attacks and raids. 

Human- Hard to type up a guideline for them. They truly are a jack of all trades, really. Can do fair OOP, mid, and late era, as well as being able to mage, stg, and warrior mage. May type something up later for them later.

Troll- From seeing my kingdoms trolls in action, I'd say they do well with going to mili 7 first and then mining 5-6 (similar to halfer) and then medicine as high as possible. (3-5, usually)  Trolls with decent military can make the best "conventional" armies (meaning large armies without needing to raid, use magic, or pick apart) in my opinion.

Also magic troll, but they fall short of halfling, human, elf, and even orc, so I find it hard to experiment with them for this.

Elf- Easy enough to just go to magic 9 and forget anything else, if pure maging. lol

But I see elf as a warrior mage race that needs some farming. magic 7-9, with mili 6-7 would make for pretty mean archmage armies, later on. 

~~these are my opinions, and of course, won't be shared by every VU'er, but it's just something to get you started. Hopefully as you play on, you'll develop your own science builds that work for you.~~

00:59:18 Jul 3rd 11 - Lady Venus Willia:

(Note: I am using alot of my KD members experience in aid of this post here, as I am a pretty 1/2 race person and I haven't checked the others for SOME time. Also you will find some of the sciences I have posted are wrong as I have guesstimated parts and gone for an educated guess others, as there are so many tactics for sciences, it's hard to pin down).

First tip, NEVER RAINBOW SCIENCES. Always go with 1 science until you've got it to where you want it in the long run. So never, for example, get magic 1, mil 1, then magic 2, mil 2, farming 1, magic 3....etc.

Well it depends on race, playing style and etc, as you said.
There's 4 ways to do it.

1. Plan to be a self-aotd'ing, attacker with some magic capabilities. Allows you to sit in a city and AoTD hit until the enemy is dead (AoTD allows you to revive your dead troops). Also with this, it allows you to steal science, dead/semi dead people, allowing you to gain their sciences if they have higher than you. However, what with the changes next era, AoTD being harder to cast, I doubt many people will do this tactic. But if you do, get magic to 6, then either mil or mining (preferably mil I guess?)

2. Being a mage. Basically, get as high magic as you can, then mining, then medicine/military/whatever.

3. Being an attacker. Military as high as possible, then mining, then medicine or whatever.

4. Being a whored up attacker. Mining high, then military, then medicine or whatever.

Depending on race is depending on selection.

Dwarf, magic is costly, so self-AoTD'ing is possible, but a high risk strategy. If you go for attacking OOP, if you're successful (once again, high risk strategy) it is awesome. Low building upkeep means you get to take spoils and not be too worse off by the poor spoils. However, most dwarves go for the whored up option.
Not completely sure about dwarf sciences but it could end up like this:

Magic 6, Military 6-7, Mining 5, etc.
Mining 9-10, Military 8, etc.
Military 10, Mining 7.
No being a mage.

Orc are very efficient mages, some people I've talked to believe them to be the best mages.

Magic 6, military 7, mining 5? (Not sure about mining).
Magic 7 (8 may just be a little too expensive), mining 5+.
Military 10, mining 6+.
No going mining first.

I would say under no circumstances to do anything apart from get magic first, as high as possible, attacker or mage, AMs OP/DP is 3* magic science.

Magic 9 (10 is likely too). Military 5+
Magic 9 (10 is likely too). Mining 5+
No going mil/mining first.

Well, so many ways to play this race. Plus what with advents ability to find sciences with exp, you can end up with 50+ sciences. I however, haven't often used advents so I always end up low on sci's compared to others.

Magic 6, military 7, mining 5+
Magic 7, mining 6.
Military 8-10 (how much of a whore is how much you get, I always go to 8), mining 6-8 (depending on same as before and on what you got your mil to).
Mining 8-10 (same as before), mil 6-8 (same as before).

Expensive science costs!

Magic 6, mil 6, mining 5.
Mil 7-8
No maging and wouldn't advise going mining first.

Like Halfers, so many tactics. STG is a big part of Humans though, as they get to see the market earlier too.

Magic 6, mil 7-8, mining 6-7.
Magic 9, mining 6-7.
Mining 8, military 8.

As I said, this is just like a guideline. You can get more scis from steal science, depending on your tactic and time spent farming, you can easily get more than this, or less.

11:39:37 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Crown Royal Thefallendrunk:

well i couldn't tell you for any of the other races but the way i set up my human is i go mining 8-9
mili 6-7
mag 4-5
and then every thing else hits at least lvl 4 since it's not really to spendy to get it there
also if you make a 200k it is imperative to get a  high mining science to make the most for your buck

16:53:42 Jul 5th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

For halfling, I have found getting Mining 8, and military 5 or 6, then getting farming 7 very useful. But only if you have an active good mage. And you plan to do a lot of taking land, the food will pile up and getting farming will help a lot, and getting the sciences are fast and easy. Usually get them early on, and then u will make 200k+ food or more. So let it pile up and once u take a lot and start to go negative you have all yours stocked and saved

16:59:30 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Polymer:

on the subject, unless I'm maging, i almost always go mining first to 7 or 8... if OOP wars are fierce i'll mix mining and military evenly...

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