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Scout Hiding 100k Army
04:14:48 Nov 15th 11 - Mr. Zenchi Senkusha III:

Is it within the rules to hide a large army under a scout so the defending army can't attack the larger army?

04:16:36 Nov 15th 11 - Endless (Ms. Butter Croissant):

Just kill the scout and then you can attack the larger army.

06:28:02 Nov 15th 11 - Mr. Peabody The Teacher:

Not against any rules. If someone goes through the effort to keep it on top of that 100k army to get a 1rst hit, on the field, or fool some newbie spellcasters, good for them. 

10:13:50 Nov 15th 11 - Wilberforce (Lady Impending Gang Bang):

I'd be more worried about a larger army hiding a scout....That way they hit, merge and are able to hit again (albeit prep is decreased, but if you've prepped for long enough it's still plausible). That can be failing accidently, or on purpose and killing a large amount of enemy troops, or it can be plundering then merging and taking over.

11:19:48 Nov 15th 11 - Princess Aisha:

Just check forums in section Bugs
Up there you can find "known bugs" posted by Admin...

03:37:54 Dec 25th 08 - VU Admin:

  • An army can hide under another army.

That is same as walking over closed gates when you CW before :)
So its all legal :) just a known bug :)

Though there's a way to find the scout but I will keep that to myself :) Thanx to Binh for explaining to me how to find it ^^

11:54:05 Nov 15th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilb Derping Still):

There are several ways to find it infact.

12:08:57 Nov 15th 11 - Princess Aisha:

When you think about it, considering you're a guide, are you obligated to explain to new players how to find that scout? Since you're here to teach them?

14:14:38 Nov 15th 11 - Wilberforce (Ms. Wilb Derping Still):

If they ask, I would gladly answer. I rarely recieve messages anyway for aid, instead I just offer help and message them myself, or forum post in Kingdom forums. I would say nothing is obliged, you've surely seen the quality of some of the other guides. I wouldn't trust them to answer a question on what gold does, never mind something a little more complex.

Just for the record now... If anyone has a question, message me and I will gladly answer. Or if they are in my Kingdom, I will offer pointers and aid.

17:08:49 Nov 15th 11 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Hammered Fail):

I'm new, can you tell me??????

17:47:30 Nov 15th 11 - Stormy (Mr. Stormcrow):

wilber is a guide? sweet, mebbe he can guide me into being as kewl as he is<3

17:58:49 Nov 15th 11 - Ms. Harris:

Just delete the HTML

00:29:31 Nov 16th 11 - Mr. Biteme:

using your eits, you can gauge distances between known armies and invisible ones.

just hit it with locust and the army will be revealed. simple

00:46:49 Nov 16th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Theron II of The Dales):

if its prepping on a city go to the top of the news page...if your prepping on a city and theres an army on top of you go to the armies page

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