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Settlecolony delay question
05:09:05 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Planet:

So, if we can land in Arma right now, but can't settle for almost a week, aren't we going to lose a ton of peasants? why in the world is there a 6 day waiting period? I just resigned since I didn't want to pointlessly pay taxes and lose peasants and morale. There's no reason at all to spawn until 4-5 hours before we can settle colonies.

15:15:43 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Path:

I've never experienced that but I have wondered about this as well.  You are losing peasants though? 

I always wondered why he didnt make it just like the start of the round.  The map opens, you can settle, but time won't start until ___ hours have passed.

17:14:21 Apr 26th 10 - Mr. Planet:

yeah I accidentally BTed 1 tick while the page was loading and I lost 10 peasants and paid taxes for my lifeguards.

It's probably because there's only one overall game time, i.e. you can't stop and start separate world times with the current system since they all experience the same time passage. That's also why the news on each world shows the days being in the 400's instead of starting from when the world opened. It probably has to be that way since the worlds open up for Arma.

But really, anyone who's smart is just going to wait until a few hours before they can settle. Unless you really, really care about where you're placed on the map.

01:39:39 Apr 27th 10 - Mr. Ilmar Halfer Fuhrer:

Armageddon waiting time is pointless. So pointless..

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