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Siege attack
02:10:17 Aug 25th 09 - Sir Penor The Dysfunctional:

Ok so I was just attacked by an army that had less OP than I had DP then my army is in a city with 100% walls. So I have 50k over double his OP and he still put me under siege. Is this actually possible? Cause I don't know how siege is meant to work :/

02:12:27 Aug 25th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:


02:17:28 Aug 25th 09 - Sir Big Mac Attack:

Siege ignores walls and GTs

02:22:09 Aug 25th 09 - Sir Penor The Dysfunctional:

Still a lucky SoB attacking with under 50% :/

18:43:39 Aug 25th 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

deal with it...

14:51:47 Sep 21st 09 - Mr. Vallachian Knight:

but what happens with a sieged city?

It only loses 1% morale each tick?

Or are the citie's productive buildings notgetting any resources and the population is starving? 

15:16:38 Sep 21st 09 - Mr. Procrastinating Skygod:

starving (no productivity) and morale drops (dependant on the amount of taverns you have) and armies are 'trapped' inside

16:11:54 Sep 21st 09 - Mr. Thor:

Train all your pezzies into offensive troops and kill the seiging army. Got to do it fast though before your cities food runs out and your people starve.

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