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Slaves and their uses
09:46:55 Jan 17th 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):

Dearest of readers,

I've got half a million slaves right now and I'm wondering, what can I do with them? I know of the obvious things, but name it all anyway please! :D

Also, do slaves occupy houses or do they sleep on the street?

10:01:10 Jan 17th 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):

Also, is it still possible to merge a frozen army into another army/scout and thereby become unfrozen?

10:06:28 Jan 17th 12 - MUSE (Lord Muse):

-Workers: do not need houses, don't pay taxes
-Constructions: 10 slaves for every building gives double speed (e.g. 20 days >>> 10 days)
-Great Walls (Zetamania): Slaves are needed to build a great wall.

I think thats it.
and your army can merge, but stays frozen (not 100% sure)

10:23:49 Jan 17th 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):

Ok great, thanks Muse!

10:42:29 Jan 17th 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Marvin The Martian):

Yes it stays frozen, and you can no longer transfer troops out of a frozen army :p

10:52:24 Jan 17th 12 - Architect (The Architect):

I think you can still release slaves into peasants as well.  I've used it to great effect in the past when playing Orc with a bunch of stockpiled money.  Take over a city, train a couple thousand naz in a day and move onward.  It would be a bit more useless with any other race though...

14:50:55 Jan 17th 12 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

not useless to release slaves with other races

consider this, when you release slaves it is random how many become peasants (10 - 90% in my experience). To mitigate this effect you can divide your releases up to multiple smaller releases and you'll get closer to the average of 50% converted. THere is not many things that are worse than releasing 11000 slaves and only getting 1100 peasants.

I like to use slave releases to 'seed' cities especially if i take over a city and all the peasants escape. It gets a head start on getting the city back up to full production (peasant growth is not linear so the more peasants you start with the faster you will reach capacity)

Muse hit the other 3 uses succinctly

Also, you can still drop a city with a frozen army (still correct?)

16:49:03 Jan 17th 12 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Yeah you can still drop a city :p

Lol when you wrote "consider this" totally made me think of Duracell.

00:42:05 Jan 19th 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):

Ok thanks for the great responses everyone!

I have 2 other, unrelated questions;

- When you attack an army, it says they are armed with sticks and leather and mitrhil etc, which reflects back on their military science. Does anybody have a list of these somewhere that they would be willing to share? :)

- The spell Magic Weapons, does it still give the effects of military science level 5, or has it been changed?

Thanks in advance guys!

01:00:07 Jan 19th 12 - Endless (Ms. Mazikeen):

MW still gives temp MIL 5

lv0 - Sticks and Leather armor
lv1 - Tree weapons and weak armor
lv2 - Steel weapons and armor
lv3 - Steel weapons and strong armor
lv4 - Enhanced weapons and handmade dwarven armor
lv5+ - Magic weapons and mithril armor

06:45:56 Jan 19th 12 - Penguin (Mr. Pluto The Spacepussymonsta):

lvl10+ - The ring to rule them all

07:08:22 Jan 19th 12 - Endless (Ms. Mazikeen):

I want that ring ! 

*so jealous*

20:37:59 Jan 21st 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):

Once again, thanks for the responses, you've all been very helpful!

One more question, do walls only increase the required preperation time or do they also increase the defenders power by a % ranging from 0-100% (Depending on the amount of walls) ? 

21:20:51 Jan 21st 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros X):

They only increase preparation time :p

12:06:14 Jan 22nd 12 - Santa (Sir Santa):


One more question, I think I just f*cked up xD I had an Army of the Dead near some juicy enemy cities, then I decided to create a second one somewhere else, which succeeded. Now I have none. So it is so that casting a second AotD will not merely replace the first one, but actually make them both disappear? :(

16:57:51 Jan 22nd 12 - Sir Glene Innes:

only 1 aotd army can be on a world at 1 time.. if you cast another will cancel it out

21:02:04 Jan 22nd 12 - Mr. Dustanian:

walls also disable enemy (not kingdom allies) armies to pass through.

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