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Spell Freeze
09:24:24 Aug 4th 09 - Mr. Brain:

So I thought I had this spell down but apparently not.

If you freeze a city does that freeze all buildings being built in that city, including the ones the victim tries building after his city is froze?
I froze a city for 10 days and the next tick he had walls built again, that totally ruined my plans, but I am getting different opinions on this and thought I would ask the whole of vu to see who is right.

09:29:24 Aug 4th 09 - Chancellor Mcfeast Deluxe:

No, it doesn't freeze all future construction, just current construction (as I said in the other thread). I've had first hand experience of this the last 2 days, so if it's not intended that way then it's a bug.

09:38:46 Aug 4th 09 - Mr. Brain:

Kk, that's very good to know for future wars and era's, thank you :)

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