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Spell Ownage
02:50:52 Aug 3rd 09 - Mr. Brainiac:

Well I didn't see a topic about this I looked through most of the pages so i'm probably blind...


I was just wondering do you gain control of what you cast on? Or do you gain control of that persons cities, and armies?

03:05:57 Aug 3rd 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

You control what you cast on...and it has to be the same race as you or it will always fai1 no matter what.

04:14:47 Aug 3rd 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

mmm is it permanent :))))

04:55:00 Aug 3rd 09 - Sir Binh The War:

yes it's permanent. you cast it on a city or army, and you gain control of it once successful. Only bad side to it is.... You can only do that to someone of the same race now.

01:18:08 Aug 4th 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

oooh do the archies change to your magic sci level?


04:40:45 Aug 4th 09 - Sir Binh The War:

yes, but good luck ownaging archies :P

04:52:51 Aug 4th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

Haha have fun getting ownage if you're any race besides elf though

12:10:20 Aug 4th 09 - Mr. Jalal:

whts the fun if we can cast ownage on only our race.. it kinda sucks tht if trolls come attacking an elf.. we cant cast ownage on them

02:16:04 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

Cause then if you were orc, you could cast it on a group of advents and get 100k nazzies easy

20:47:37 Aug 6th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

First that Orc has to get 9 Magic, then it has to get 100k (?) MUS+ THEN it has to find 100k advents... if it does all that, I have to say I reckon he deserves 100k advents :)
Bring it back to be cast on all races!!! It can NOT be abusable because its so freakin hard to cast succesfully!

22:05:39 Aug 6th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

why would the troops turn into your lv 5 troops? they should just stay as the original troops that it was. if you cast it on a city, it should have attributes of that cities people and troops.

01:41:24 Aug 7th 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

Idk that's how it was before, so i'm assuming that's how it would come back. I think (Not positive) that that was one of the spells abused by Saint Paul.... Wasn't it?

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