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Summon Dragon
05:32:21 May 4th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

What does it do? (Other than summon a dragon)

How effective is it?

What's the drawbacks?

How much MP does it take to cast?

05:39:21 May 4th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

Summons a dragon that roams the map, moves every tick in a random dice roll direction. When landing on a city, it eats peasants and gold. which in return makes it grow bigger. Its effective if it doesnt die when young. Drawbacks are that you dont control it, it roams free to eat any ones gold and pez. including yours and your kds. 

can be cast with 230 mus in an army. simply put them in an army and move close to a scout. within a few ticks. and you can cast around 25%. do it with multiple armies.. or move in a big army and drop a city, make small army and move mus in and out and cast on scouts or small cities in peoples cores.. just use your imagination ;) lots of things to do. 

Thing is, once killed. They give EXP to the army that killed it. Which, once they are big can grant a lot at once. Which if done right, can make your army be half the troops it was before you attacked the dragon, but make your strength 2x or more than it was because of the boost from the exp. Not to mention as halfer, you can use that exp with adventurers. 

05:54:53 May 4th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

Does it show up as an army on the map or something? And how powerful is it? Could it grow strong enough that no one could kill it?

06:02:16 May 4th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

It shows up as a dragon on the map and grows in size. its wings flap too. It starts off weak. But the more it eats, the faster it grows. 

And yes, have seen several that are way to strong to kill. When you click it, it tells you how strong it is. 


Orc: The dragon is 200,000 hammers strong or something. 

cant remember the exact words. But it goes by lvl 2 troops and different for each race as each race has different lvl 2 troops. the worse to be is elf and try to kill it as archers have 10 DP. 

but ive seen several dragons that are 2million+ slingers strong in terms of being halfer and clicking it.

06:05:58 May 4th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxes The Almighty):

DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!! Im glad I have never seen one!

06:06:59 May 4th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

Theres a huge one on nirvana if someone there can scout it and post for them to see. I cant just yet :P

06:10:19 May 4th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxes The Obliterator):

Personally, this just makes this game better, Im a dragon maniac!!!

06:12:29 May 4th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

Though, they seem to glitch if cast to many in same spot. Its happened many times to me. Tried casting 3-4 on same spot and all get stuck, and slowly move off or stay there forever, So best to cast all on separate locations if want to cast a lot of them. Also, as they get bigger they move in bigger steps. Making them harder to catch and kill if you even can by time you reach them :P

07:44:58 May 4th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxis The Depraved):

So, in order to cast Summon Dragon with only 230 MU's all you have to do is position the army (230 mu's) right next to a scout or city and cast it?

09:05:08 May 4th 12 - Mr. Kentucky Fried Cat:

if you were still on manta you would see all the dragons i casted and the different sizes

09:23:29 May 4th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

they all look the same, just vary in size depending on strength.
that's as big as they get.
it's a broken spell that needs to be fixed.

09:59:43 May 4th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxis The Depraved):

Awesome!!! Can't wait to play mage next era.

10:06:02 May 4th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

Ha, Im playing one this era on Valhalla. Beware: Chance for dragons, Very High

10:35:11 May 4th 12 - Xerxes (Mr. Xerxes The Almighty):

Well, aren't you special. ;)

15:25:06 May 4th 12 - Zond (Lord Pachyglossal Proreption):

you CAN cast with 230 mus. on a wrecked city, a scout, or city with a few hundred buildings. 

The more MP the target has, the more mus you will need. And might even need Mts depending where you want to cast.

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