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The plague
14:34:06 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XII:

How fast does the plague spread?

I heard it may be on Valhalla.

22:23:20 Oct 25th 09 - Duke Random:

You (10/25/2009 8:34:47 PM)
why would you ownage a scout.... :/
Mr. Theophilus XII (10/25/2009 8:41:42 PM) GOOD BAD
I was meaning to plauge the scout =[
You (10/25/2009 8:50:48 PM)
hmm did you consult crazy about that? :P because that'd really make em bleed...
Mr. Theophilus XII (10/25/2009 9:35:47 PM) GOOD BAD
I dont have to consult an NAP partner on casting a plague on my home world.

Its already spreading.
You (10/25/2009 9:45:38 PM)
I've notied... well good luck with that :P cure plauge isn't that hard to cast :P

and by you heard you mean you cast it.... kinda dumb if you ask me.... your kingdom is going to bleed real bad by casting it on a city 2cm from your core.

ever heard someone say 'its spreading like the plauge'.... there is a reason for that, it spreads fast....

22:30:01 Oct 25th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic:


22:32:55 Oct 25th 09 - Lady Woopsy Daisy:


22:36:58 Oct 25th 09 - Sir Gingerbread Man:

Mmmm, hate to ask a silly question, but why would you cast plague on your own world?  It never hurts attackers, only defenders...

23:26:32 Oct 25th 09 - Mr. Jones:

and here I was hoping, I wouldn't have to train any more MUs for the rest of the era.

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