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Time Limit
12:52:18 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Raikiri:

How long does it take for a city that got out of protection but the player is obviously not logging in, for it to come under Native People control, if ever?

15:40:37 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Dino:

They have to resign for it to go under native control. 

16:12:26 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Raikiri:

so the town will sit just as it is now until armageddon?

18:48:46 Oct 10th 11 - Mr. Peabody The Teacher:

Yes, unless someone takes it. 

If you're on a newbie world and they go inactive for so long. It will note it in the town description as "this town has not heard from it's ruler in a long time" and when it gets to that point, armies and towns can be killed; no matter their land count compared to others. 

11:47:02 Oct 11th 11 - Mr. Raikiri:

gppd, I was hoping for that kind of loophole. How long does it take to that point though, I've seen a few so I'm estimating about 5 RL days?

13:37:22 Oct 11th 11 - Mr. Pluto:

Five days to a week. 

A former kingdom buddy go inactive or something?

15:16:24 Oct 11th 11 - Mr. Raikiri:

Just a guy who started this world about the same time I did, took the spot I wanted most in the general area, and has done squat since establishing his town.

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