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Totally Lost HELP
20:00:31 Jun 10th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

I started of the game expecting to enter a tutorial of sorts and here I am, dumped right in and at the mercy of predators.

Looking for and getting to grips with what one finds is no easy task, 1 person says one thing, someone else down the line says something else totally conflicting.

Talking of Scouts, do I have any !!?

I can train troops but I see no scouts talkless knowing how to send them out in x,y or z direction.

Someone says, transfer your pheasants by putting them in a scout !!?!

Tried hanging about in the chat room looking for anyone with enough XP to provide advice or at least prompt one in the right direction, someone enters (eventually) barely get a "Hi X" out and they reply "Yes thats me, I ask "... been playing the game long" to ascertain if they can provide any help of sorts, they reply "yes, 4 yrs now" and they are gone.

VU was alledged to have a great and open community that welcomed Newcomers to help the game progress but eveywhere I look says quite the contrary, one guy attempts to write up in aid of Newbies others come along and instead of giving due credit moan of kd secrets being given out when noobs can barely take in tlkless make head or tail of what the guy was trying to get through in the first instance !!!

I am lost it seems with no where to go but await the predators, probably be my first and last server which is a pity as it does appear to be a relatively well thought out game with loads of potential barr the closed and imo myopic community - sorry if this gets the backs up of those that have attempted to assist people like me, dont take it poisonally, just voicing my thoughts in frustration.

20:41:21 Jun 10th 10 - Mr. Secret Agent Onslaught:

I think the new interface has thrown alot of people off and makes it quite difficult to teach people how to play, when you yourself cannot get to something without clicking 10 different things in a precise order.

20:51:52 Jun 10th 10 - Princess Aisha:

  • I started of the game expecting to enter a tutorial of sorts and here I am, dumped right in and at the mercy of predators.

Start building guard towers, it will give you vision, you'll see if there are armies around you that might attack you. Do not let them take your cities, defend :)


  • Talking of Scouts, do I have any !!?

That is just basically the size of an army... If you dont know how to make an army then easiest way is to click - thin menu .. Then you have "armies", click that and choose new army... It will give you 1 level 1 soldier, that is so called scout. You can do that many times as long as you have the gold for it, just click new army again and you'll get another scout.

Click the army and then drag with mouse and double click it on the map where you want it to go...


  • Someone says, transfer your pheasants by putting them in a scout !!?!

Hm that must be when you just start the game and settle the city, then you're supposed to transfer the peasants in the city not scout. Usually you dont travel with peasants unless you're sending them from city to city.


Hope that helps, if you need any other information feel free to ask.

23:03:04 Jun 10th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

Thanks for taking the time out to explain some things, I scoured the forums looking for any mention of producing/using scouts, glad that's clarified now.
... means I got some pheasants still in my startup army, roasted pheasant for the one that toasts that army,
... will go check on what I can do to deny anyone the pleasure of that roast ;)

Thanks once again to all of you who responded to this Newbies plight, won't be forgotten (y)

23:52:01 Jun 10th 10 - Dr. Evil:

What world did you land on?  If you can tell us we might be able to suggest a kingdom to join that helps train new members.


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