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Troll mages
22:49:49 Aug 13th 09 - Pirate Leela The Eyepatched:

what'd work better , a troll mage or an elf mage?...

(I'm asking this to prove a point)

22:51:37 Aug 13th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Elf Mage

22:58:52 Aug 13th 09 - Sir Moonshine:

Elf mage (And I'm a troll)

23:04:02 Aug 13th 09 - Sir Binh The Avenger:

Elf mage

23:07:50 Aug 13th 09 - Mr. Zunafegvin:

Look Lew, I already said Elf Mage was better

I said that Troll mage is Decent though.

This thread is worthless

23:51:28 Aug 13th 09 - Mr. Ezzy Teh Elven Warrior:

zuna noob

23:54:51 Aug 13th 09 - Lady Jade:

Elf mage

02:31:00 Aug 15th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Troll mage definitely would. (you didn't specify the scenario. :P)

02:51:01 Aug 15th 09 - Duchess Jasmina:

Elf Mage has more magic power (due to higher magic level usually)

Troll Mage has higher offensive power and helps the Troll armies in attack

Both have advantages... who is better depends on the purpose of it

03:08:13 Aug 15th 09 - Sir Joey Tribbiani:

nah elf is just better :p

14:51:22 Aug 15th 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

dwarf mage :)

14:52:01 Aug 15th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

yeah dwarfs was great, maybe they will comeback with sloth

15:00:30 Aug 15th 09 - Lady Darkness:

Elf mages sure are stronger considering they can have lvl 9 - 10 Magic.
Troll mages are more of battle mages. they can get up to lvl 4 - 5 this gives them the basic attack spells like rof and freeze plus their 1 op.

But no matter how strong a Troll mage gets it can never compete with an Elf mage or be able to break its magic protection.

Note: I played both Elves and Trolls for several eras each.

15:09:24 Aug 15th 09 - Mr. Ignis The War:

true also doesnt trolls mage have higher losses

17:07:25 Aug 16th 09 - Lord Mcfalter:

All Trolls are (secret) Berserkers at heart!

17:30:13 Aug 16th 09 - Mr. Mcmax The Troll:

Lady Darkness


15:00:30 Aug 15th 09
Elf mages sure are stronger considering they can have lvl 9 - 10 Magic.
Troll mages are more of battle mages. they can get up to lvl 4 - 5

I actually tries this while I'm spending the rest of this era in Latha. And I have passed magic level 5 - that took only 4 days. Though the magic science-costs is high, it is not frightning. Not at all.

If this, being a Magic Troll works out to my satisfaction - which it seems to do - I'll try it out next era on a "real" world. Unless Zeta weakens the Troll-race for what-ever purpose.

19:59:47 Aug 18th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

true also doesnt trolls mage have higher losses

Well... Maybe. Elf mages have no OP/DP so they probably stay back in battles.. While troll mages might fight if they have to causing a little bit more casualties. Also.. They could have less losses because they use offense as a sort of defense. ^^ You'd have to ask zeta on that. :)

12:42:19 Aug 23rd 09 - Mr. Mcmax The Troll:

It actually works playing a Troll mages on Latha.

I'm surely going to try it again next age.


13:55:23 Aug 24th 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:

no he's referring to the fact that a troll will never have an elfs magic sci so a troll mage will always have higher casualties when casting magic ;)

02:22:29 Aug 25th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Oh I thought he meant in like... a battle where your army gets attacked. My bad! :(

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