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Troops and their value
00:02:24 Oct 8th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

I have noticed, concerning the cost of troops, that the more valuable troops cost gold for lesser stats. Is this because the troops are actually more effective in battle, cheaper to maintain, or is there another reason?

I'm new to this game. Even directing me to a guide with more information about the dynamics of the troops would be exceedingly helpful.

Thank you.

00:11:07 Oct 8th 12 - Princess Bloodrayne:

They are cheaper to make because they are weaker and easier to make.
They are not more effective in battle, they are weaker, one stronger soldier can kill many of the weaker ones, but you can make much more weaker ones for less gold.
Obviously you will need less time to train for example Hobgoblin or Gaia,  you will need much more time to train such great soldiers like Berserker or Nazgul.

Reason why you should train higher level troops is the army upkeep, because if you want to be strong with weaker units you need really huge numbers. You are new to the game, but later on when you make huge armies you will see when army upkeep is 2 million or above, your income will not be able to cover it.

Weaker units are good for early in the era when you dont have income to train high class soldiers. Later on you need to switch to better soldiers.

00:11:53 Oct 8th 12 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Big Bad Orc):

Cheaper military upkeep since you need fewer of them most of the time. And you need to expend lesser peasants too since you need fewer of them.

14:50:41 Oct 8th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

This was very helpful. 

Thank you. 

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