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Voting for VU
13:00:23 Jul 13th 09 - Mr. Pure Ftw:

I have used the new sites in the help VU tab and I am wondering do we get a BT for voting on the new ones aswell :D

13:01:30 Jul 13th 09 - Sir Belmont The Avenger:

nop just the normal 1 bt

12:59:36 Jul 22nd 09 - Lord Mcfalter:

Hello all,

er... I might have missed something here. I have heard and used that you do get ONE BT for voting on VU. I have so far always voted on "Free Games" to get that.

Does it make any difference on which site you vote for VU or maybe voting for several sites gives you several BT?

Sorry to bother you - I just feel I have missed the explanation for this.



14:33:47 Jul 22nd 09 - Sir Polydeuces:

Just one bonus turn every 24 hours no matter how many sites you vote on :)

15:48:37 Aug 10th 09 - Mr. Skiepe:

Eum I've voted 3 days and never got a bonusturn!!!!

16:13:52 Aug 10th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

you have to vote on 5 different sites

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