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WTF cavers???
04:40:17 Oct 13th 08 - Lord Random:

My Lord. We have plundered Falador of all their resources. They had 6017371 gold, 9538365 stone, 0 tree, 0 food and 99 slaves in the city.
The cavemasters blew up 552 mines and took aditional 386400 gold.
We killed or injured total of 0 troops.

since when have cavers been able to do this???????

04:43:28 Oct 13th 08 - Lord Charley Deallus:

Whoa that is awesome! XD

05:00:14 Oct 13th 08 - Duke Arzun:

Since ever...

05:07:58 Oct 13th 08 - Lord Random:

why is it not written anywhere?

06:49:18 Oct 13th 08 - Mr. David:

Guides and Articles > Special Units:

They are very greedy and will not fight much. Instead they will blow up mines and steal as much gold as they can come over. When not in an army, they will work in the city mines, improving the gold and stone production.

07:23:09 Oct 13th 08 - Lord Random:

lol.... would help if i'd read that thread :P

07:49:41 Oct 13th 08 - Mr. Little Halfling Farmer:

That has been around for years

07:54:31 Oct 13th 08 - Lord Random:

I never bothered to attack with cavers, i just thought that they were good for use in mines.... i wouldn't be surprised if a few dwarf players didn't know this either :P

08:53:00 Oct 14th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

i played dwarf for awhile and didn't know that

09:49:12 Oct 14th 08 - Mr. Batman:

Old news ;P

Still cavers aren't cost effective to attack with ^_^

22:44:48 Oct 20th 08 - Prince Corothius:

aye, some people use them, some don't. Most keep them in city for defensive purposes..

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