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Wasted resources S
20:18:58 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Hunter:

made a new settlement, put peasents into the city (Dead Mines) and when i try to build anything, it takes off the resources and gives me no buildings... all other provinces are fine, i dont understand :P


20:50:36 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Spook:

Plague on buildings! Damn you Revenge!

The buildings arent queued up to come in a few ticks or anything like that?

21:06:20 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Hunter:

no :/ Wasted a lot of fucking resources on that province now :P i managed to get 50 houses into production and a few guard towers, and then has gone back to taking my resources and giving me zip :/


21:39:10 Dec 4th 09 - Mr. Hunter:

think i know why, I tried ordering over the maximum i could build at that time

and basicaly, computer said no, took my resources and bent me over :p wont be doing that again.

21:56:29 Dec 4th 09 - Lord Reddragon Ghost IV:

... took my resources and bent me over.... - funiest thing i saw in forum, and i saw a lot of funny things.

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