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What Guides do you need
01:05:20 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Tremendous Mewlings:

Myself and some others have been considering writing guides for future players, since a lot of us aren't going to be around for long. 

What kinds or particular questions need to be answered?
What kind of guides do we need or need improving up?

05:35:12 Mar 17th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Toxic Sludge):

How to play each race OOP (different build types for each; Ex: OOP for mage elf, OOP for combat elf, OOP for mil halfer, OOP for mage halfer) 

How to build each type of city (armory city, economy city, how many cities you should build before OOP)

How much OP/DP to try and aim for before OOP, how much to aim for mid-era, and how much to aim for late-era (for each race it will be slightly different.)

How to play a mage successfully. 

07:15:20 Mar 17th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Lodak):

All acronyms explained and percents and values all lined up nice and easy to understand. (how to find max native price etc.) and tbh just all the guides in one nice organized easy guide.

09:52:59 Mar 17th 14 - Ms. Bobblehead Bran:


15:22:00 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Papa Poof:


For magic, Token's Guide for Dummies
For Orc, there are a few guides by Token. 

Good suggestions tho

15:34:54 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Another Endo:

token never finished his guide though, did he

16:14:03 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Twilight Blind Eyes:

True, it's not entirely complete, but it does cover a lot of material. 

17:02:21 Mar 17th 14 - Dark Knight Endo Argrif:

that it does, but there are several times that ive gone looking for information that isnt there because it isnt complete.

17:08:14 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Tremendous Mewlings:

Like what, specifically (in the context of the guide)

18:44:52 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Another Endo:

for example, amount of mu's/power needed for casting each spell with say, 80% (or highest available percentage)

19:10:26 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Tremendous Mewlings:

Next to impossible to calculate...

All army sizes are vastly different... same with cities

20:53:14 Mar 17th 14 - Mr. Another Endo:

ok, then back to the sorcerer's topics

02:50:06 Mar 18th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Azark The Defiler):

Those were just some basis topics. In my opinion, a lot of new players get taken out and leave the game because they don't correctly know how to OOP so they kinda just farm up a huge army then don't know what to do with it because they weren't included in OOP and then when the other KD pushes back they have a huge army but misuse it, and they end up being responsible for the death of the KD and then lose interest because "they suck."

And I didn't know that, I never read guides, I just straightup asked people in my KD lol.

18:12:35 Mar 18th 14 - Edgardo (Mr. Caifanes):

How to find love.

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