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What Happens When
18:15:39 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Edwin:

What happens when:

1. You have an army and city with lots of homes, but peasants fill all the homes
You want to house your troops, but you do not take away peasants
Who will die, peasants or those soldiers?

2. You loose all farming cities, you loose food and no longer have any
Do you start loosing peasants, soldiers? In what order?

3. You do not have gold to maintain the army... what is the percantage by which the soldiers die? I also read somewhere that your morale falls first and before it falls down you do not loose troops at all, is that true?

4. You have many many millions of some resource stored that you really do not need that much, for example 100 million food or wood... and you're still in positive production, and you're done with sciences so cant spend it there... what do you actually do with these massive amounts of resources that cant be spent?

19:00:04 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Edd The Barbarian:

1. peasants die till there is room for your troops.

2.  you just lose peasants and dont gain any. Troops are unaffected i believe.

3. if you do not have gold. You start loosing buildings. If the troops are stationed in a city you lose some each tick. If they are in an army you do not lose any and morale does drop but slowly.

4. you sell on market?

19:37:25 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Edwin:

For question number:

2. If soldiers are in homes, do they die?  Or only peasants?

3. Basically it takes a very long time to actually loose your armies?

4. Well who will buy millions of tree or food that you have, other people who have it might just put lower price and so on... if there's no need for tree, there's basically nothing you can do?

20:25:59 Dec 20th 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

1:  Say you have 100 homes, and you have 2500 peasants.  You put 3000 soldiers into the city.  You will lose 500 of your soldiers and all 2500 peasants.  So, as Edd said peasants will be killed off to make space for the troops, but if you don't have enough space for the troops either you will also lose troops.

2:  I believe you also lose stationed troops if you can't feed them, but I wouldn't know for sure, never had that happen.

3:  If the morale of your army reaches low enough levels you will in fact lose troops as well as buildings when you do not have enough gold to maintain upkeep.  And no, it does not take a very long time.

4:  You can sell to the native market by selling your resources for around 40-45% of what the current market price is.

20:40:57 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Edwin:

The last question was kinda just me asking what do people usually do? I know the game mechanics quite well but I was wondering what people do in that situation... Do you guys keep it for end era scores or what?
If something is sold for 0.4 on market, and selling it for 0.18 is just a waste, or is that ok?

21:54:23 Dec 20th 11 - Mr. Eddo:

i buy all of that res then sell it to the natives for .7 usually break even or gain some gold but gets rid of it

23:09:51 Dec 20th 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Forgotten Warrior):

I don't usually see it that low end era.. It's either not on the market, or around ~.8-1  Right now waiting for Nirvana to get armageddon cast, there is no food on market and I make about 1.3million food per turn so I just sell for .9 every couple of days.  Resources don't get you as much score end era as troops or buildings, and in fact I think it's only gold that counts towards score anyways, not sure though.

06:23:00 Dec 21st 11 - Mr. Eddo:

if there is no food why not seel for 2.25?

15:40:04 Dec 21st 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

if there is no food why not sell at 2,75? or if there is some at 2,75 why not 3,44?

15:51:41 Dec 21st 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros IX):

It's just faster to sell to natives, also I have farming science 25 so it's all profit anyways.

16:33:32 Dec 21st 11 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):

faster to sell meh. profit that is what counts :O

19:24:52 Dec 21st 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkyros IX):

yeah but with maybe 5 people active on the map i doubt my food would even sell at this point..

08:23:47 Dec 23rd 11 - Sir Jondrus Kitty Kicker:

2. If soldiers are in homes, do they die?  Or only peasants?

yes they will if you have no food. Think about it, you aren't paying them and you have no food to give them. Why the heck would they stay?

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