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What happend to Great Walls
16:09:02 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Chaosgeoff:

How long ago did VU take out Great Walls?  and why so?

16:46:02 Sep 17th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Hmm...era 30 I think, not sure.  Why so? KDs were criss crossing them all over the place and making cores, they were least that is how I saw it.

17:27:57 Sep 17th 09 - Mr. Chaosgeoff:

why do people have to cheat.  it was really usefull having them.

16:56:26 Sep 19th 09 - Mr. Desol:

They were banned due to illegal searches and seizers. but yeah, demon slayer is right, zeta was just getting tired of having complaintts about them and deleting sections of them.

17:53:14 Sep 19th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

CHAOS!!!! Howya been man? Last time i saw you, it was falcons last era!! Welcome back!!

19:33:03 Sep 19th 09 - Mr. Stark:

Awww Great Walls were so much fun

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