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What happened to northeast nir
05:02:39 Jul 4th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

Nirvana? All the cities have suddenly vanished. I have full line of sight in the area, but a lot of cities have vanished. A Burn & Destroy is just simply not a possibility. All those cities were there last time I checked, which was 10 hours ago, and some of them would have been very heavily defended. Invisibility is extremely improbable. There are no strong mages in the area, and this is from several different kingdom, 2 of which are at war with each other.

So what happened?

05:15:59 Jul 4th 13 - Captain Common:

Is this a possibility?

* Unlimited line of sight means that it is not limited. If a non-sponsor has or accumulates too many cities/armies, his LOS will become limited.

Send a scout up there to check.


07:54:28 Jul 4th 13 - Princess Aisha:

Invisibility is not that improbable, why? We are dealing against a veteran kingdom full of very experienced players. The limited line of sight might be possible, but I though that would happen once you have a large amount of cities, so I think most likely its just invisibility casted.

Just try magic up north, try eye in sky on the place where Backup city was, it will give you the option to cast, because the city is there. And it is still on HoH. I am not sure if there were any other cities there except Zerg, I think most likely only their cities have gone invisible.

10:18:22 Jul 4th 13 - Princess Aisha:

Actually I can see it all now, there were 3-4 kingdoms there 

And all cities were gone, now we see it all.
I dont know what the problem was, but invisibility was not possible.
Means it was a game bug. Its ok now.

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