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What has changed in 5 eras
21:31:22 Mar 23rd 12 - King Burninglegion The Nazgul Tamer:

Please post what changes have been made in the past 5 eras if any


I am intrested to know what has changed.


Thank you


21:48:46 Mar 23rd 12 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):


07:23:28 Mar 24th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Red Dragon):

Welcome back

Are you looking for a KD to belong to..... ???

20:18:03 Mar 24th 12 - McMax (Mr. The Roc Star):

Nothing BL.

Absolutely nothing. No deals at all.

06:34:22 Mar 25th 12 - Electric Magneton:

Magic is used more then just Eits, Freeze, and CW

10:54:31 Mar 25th 12 - Legend (I am Han Solo):

The changes are that there are more nubs. And some people got better.

More whining on the forums about honour.

Etc... etc...

16:56:16 Mar 25th 12 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Eras don't really exist anymore.  Not as a uniform time measurement.

01:16:10 Apr 20th 12 - Ms. Artanis:

Nothing has changed? 

Arthur <3

10:47:45 Apr 20th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Kellaine):

10:34:48 Apr 16th 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Starting today, once one of the top 5 worlds (Fantasia, Mantrax, Zetamania, Sstarta, Nirvana) restart it will have a random map!

Report10:36:24 Apr 16th 12 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Fensteria and Mogrox will be closed once they end.

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