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What is Hoh
20:30:22 May 4th 11 - Mr. Flame:

Hi, I did a quick forum search and it didn't yield any useful results.

Can anyone tell me what Hoh stands for?

21:45:13 May 4th 11 - Mr. Edd The Reborned:

Head Of Heads like the list of top players or things  =P

03:17:51 May 5th 11 - Mr. Mewtwo:

Hall of Heros

03:46:01 May 16th 11 - Mr. Explicit:

Haha I was told Hall of Honors or something like that. 

It's just the highscores

04:11:36 May 16th 11 - Korwyn Korwyn:

Its broken thats what it is =( moreso the most fearsome list. Would be nice if both were revamped to give a better indication of a players contributions and standing.

10:18:18 May 16th 11 - The Architect:

Yes, originally I believe it was the Hall of Honors.

21:58:33 Jun 3rd 11 - Mr. Barny:

Hall of Honors

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