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What is the best defence ELF
23:58:36 Jul 28th 10 - Mr. Yogi of Yogi:

I am learning about defenses aside from offense I would like to know what is an ideal defense for any particular elven city. I am having an issue knowing just how many magic towers and guard towers I should have to protect a city from being overtaken. I know you will have a better chance if you have an army but is there a way to defend with magic with out a strong army? Can magic kill entire armies alone? Can you direct me to an updated magic list of what the effects are on military?

I have read guides some are contradictory some are confusing but so far all I have read is how to start your city. Nothing that gives strategy throughout.

All information will be appreciated.


00:38:20 Jul 29th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

A good way to learn is to join a kingdom that likes to help new players learn.  There are some very good ones around.  BOW is a good teaching kingdom.  There are others.

16:09:01 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Yogi of Yogi:

It is disheartening this join kingdom join kingdom talk... It makes me think that there are not too many people willing to help those who are new and with out a kingdom. Which ultimately would makes one find disinterest in the overall game play.

Yogi The Disheartened

16:49:27 Jul 29th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:


Zeta changes the game often.  There are people within kingdoms who work hard to keep up with the changes and make sure everyone in the kingdom knows about them and their impact on the game.

Someone can take the time right now to explain how things are this minute but it might not be that way next era.  There are many advantages to being in a good teaching kingdom.

17:31:34 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Yogi of Yogi:

With all due respect, I understand this, I have read so many guides and it seems by the time I fully understand a guide it has no value because another change has taken place. From a new persons perspective too many changes too often tend to make things too complicated. Once again teeter totting on that fine line of loosing interest in a game that has potential to be great if it was just left alone. I mean come on it is like there is a guide every era... like guide for hafling era XXX guide for halfling era XXXX do you not understand that this can be overwhelming for anyone new. Can't the out of date guides be deleted from the forum to eliminate confusion? It makes sense why no one can really explain anything in a forum for the most part all I get is a bunch of bickering and foul language.

On the flip side... this is a free game and I understand it can not be perfect. But lets say I wanted to make a donation just to get an "edge" I still wouldn't get an instruction booklet which by the way comes with every game I have ever bought or "donated" to.

And again I respect this game... I am playing it I am just speaking from a new persons perspective about the complexity of it. And the inability for a new player to actually be able to hold his own without solid instruction in the beginning. I guess this is just the territory of free play; a long term learn on your own game where you have to keep guessing at what make or break a kingdom change the creator is going to do next. So many changes so few understandings. Something I am not use to.


19:06:29 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

Hi there Yogi,

Don't be dis-heartened.
I understand where your coming from especially as I am new to the game too, 2nd era here, and my experiences are somewhat similar to yours but where it might differ is that I am in a kingdom and I have taken the opportunity to learn from the more experienced players within while I still continue to scour for info, trawling the forums and experiment as I go.

And don't knock the changes that take place era to era either, without them the game would not evolve and you would also simply be so out of depth and overwhelmed by other longer term players and it is more than probable that people would be even less inclined to share their knowledge as they would have but the slimmest of edges against their enemies if they did - as you have found out from what is available on the forums people do share, unfortunately due to changes, the info provided often appears to be contradictory and will continue to be so era-on-era, fortunately imo.

As adviced, if you really are keen on getting to grips with the game, join a kingdom,
... you are on a steep learning curve but others who have been around the block and are used to major aspects of the game are in a better position that enables them to focus and specialize in various areas of change where you have to do so much more.
... and they would be willing to share with you if the knowledge and power you gained through it would be used to benefit their kd - what other bargaining tool do you really have - this is a war game, you can't expect them to share this knowledge with all as it would be to their detriment.

I hope this helps, I am unable to contribute further as I don't understand Elvish :D.

19:20:53 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Scipio:


... also bear in mind that there are diverse styles of play that come about for different reasons, some people are aggresive, some defensive, style of play might also be determined by the amount of time you are able to put into your game - in a kd you meet with people with different styles of play that you might benefit from while you develop your own style of play - alone you have very little chance of exploring all avenues as you probably would be forced into mostly being defensive therby limiting yourself

just thought I'd add that in to help you along your way.

19:27:37 Jul 29th 10 - Mr. Wishbone:

Yogi, your Mages can Freeze Armies, but that just slows them down. At level 5 Magic you can Cast Rain of Fire, which burns Armies... if you have enough Mages & Magic Towers. But your true defense comes from Troops. Yes, build Walls & Guard Towers, but if you are still early in the Era, load it with Archers - good Defense for the money.

That should start you out, but there is much more you need to learn

18:55:53 Jul 30th 10 - Mr. Yogi of Yogi:

Thank you for your support. I am under attack for the first time from guild of the fallen... I was protected by them in the beginning because they wanted me to join the kingdom... well... funny story they about got wiped out totally, now with an alliance with paladins of the frozen flame they were able to knock off reservoir dogs and godlike... paladins mostly were the attack but gotf regrouped and now... looks like are no longer offering me protection... guess I need to choose a kingdom hugh lol...

22:53:36 Jul 30th 10 - Clown Wankin Between Ticks:

too much words for my young eyes. 

about the kd stuff : why its good to join?
Cause people will be able to not only answer the questions for you, but give some tips along the way, cause they will see you playing near, your movements, and all other important stuff.
Bad thing: cause there are shitloads of imbeciles, and playing solo is the best thing in this game! (well ofc you will die many times cause no one will be out there to back you up) but still, you will test yourself.
so my advice for you : join a good kd for a few eras, then try going solo, or with small kds. You will be able to play all era long, try out a lot of tactics and see the "fun part" of this game. 

I`ll be heading on a low world, to play for fun with some friends and try to relax from the big bad kingdoms of ze Fantasia. if you will want, pm me , you will be able to play solo , and well , have a great time learning this game from ze true faggots ! Moi and Tbl. 

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