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What to do now
14:51:15 Dec 10th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

I would like to see what people do in this situation.
So I am playing 2 characters, one on Fantasia and one on Zetamania.
Considering Fanta is about to end, and I will not play there next era, I am thinking what to do.

Here we have
Fanta - ends in 12 hours, which will give me chance to play my character with Lord title, so the plan is to wait for that.

Mantrax - already started 1 rl day ago, going there would probably mean I am in a huge disadvantage, and I would not be able to compete?

Zetamania - playing there, merges and great walls, haven't been that much bored in all eras on VU that I am playing. Really annoying world.

But then we have the rest of the worlds, all started very long time ago.
Starta - 12 days, Nirvana - 37 days
Valhalla - 39 days, Armageddon - 16 days

Is there any point in trying to go there?
That leaves me going to Mantrax and getting killed cause I am late starter, or going to Fantasia and getting killed by Legacy as they have no match there.

Or should I wait for one of the other worlds to end?
Guys, are Nirvana or Valhalla gonna get casted arma soon?

21:40:22 Dec 10th 13 - Mr. Ignatious The Reaper:

Mant is slow but I suggest waiting for fant to start as is the best world to play in

08:13:58 Dec 11th 13 - Teirdel (Mr. Chalks):

Since you don't want to play fantasia nirvana is pretty much a closed case with a few kds left but overall it is like a mini Fanta except beo there is stormcloakz. THough if you are looking for a challenge def wait for nirv to open up. As for manta it is only a day or so and if you play your cards right or get into a kd you could do very well there. Tbh I purposely started 10 ticks lat ebecause I was going to be at work. So now im almost 13 hours (moved to settle first city) behind everyone else. Though I am doing very well and have a little bit higher than average ncome and already have troops coming.

10:26:37 Dec 11th 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Stormcloaks could cast Armageddon in Nirvana now, but two of the smaller kingdoms and an independant are going at it, and we suspect they want to finish their war. 

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