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When does era actually end
15:56:19 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

I know we're now into the Era of Karac and all that, but when / how do the lower worlds end under the new system?

We now have (-1) tick to play according to the news page which is a bit odd - if I demolish lots of buildings now (cheaper than building them) will they all reappear as the days go backwards or what????

15:57:33 Aug 10th 10 - Dr. Dill Pickle:

HAHAHAHA  that would be rather special

17:47:07 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

Well, we're now at (-3) ticks to play on Arma and I guess it didn't work.  Oops!


Houses 25 people.
Built: 10000 Build:
In construction: 0
Homes filled: 66%

Each farm produces around 9 food per day.
Built: 35 Build:
In construction: 0

Each mine produces gold and stone.
Built: 0
In construction: 0

Each lumbermill produces tree.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Magic Towers
Will defend your city from magic and make it much easier for your wizards to cast long range spells.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Gives extra defence and increases line of sight.
Built: 1 Build:
In construction: 0

Increases the morale in your city and the armies stationed in the city.
Built: 165 Build:
In construction: 0

Lowers training time and makes you able to train more troops in your colony.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Stores one hundred times more resources than farms/mines/mills.
(All buildings can store an unlimited amount of resources)
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Increase the preparation time when attacking your colony.
Built: 0 / 1588 Build:
In construction: 0

When you destroy buildings they will become Wreckages and will disappear over time.
Wrecked buildings: 30454

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