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Which buildings employ workers
12:17:53 Sep 9th 12 - Isul (Mr. Isul II):

I have been told by more experienced players, not contradicted by what I could find  in the guides, that the only buildings that employ workers (peasants) are farms, mines and lumbermills (industries hereafter) about 5 workers per industry, so a 1:5 ratio of homes:industries is ideal when all buildings are up and all homes fully occupied.

However I have found that non-industry towns such as a treasury one, made basically of warehouses: 2500 warehouses plus some towers and walls, produces 100% employment for 2499 workers living in 500 homes.

Sometimes I also feel that just the action of building seems to demand workers.

Can someone inform me of how all this goes: which buildings need workers (and how many) and whether the act of building itself demands workers or what. I feel that all this should be embedded in-game (like in the info provided with the farms and other buildings: "needs 5 workers", for example) or at least in the manuals but can't find this anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

14:14:26 Sep 9th 12 - Mr. Bran:

armouries dont NEED workers but they do seem to employ them, meaning you generate tax from the peasants. armouries still function even if noone is working in them, same goes for all non-production buildings

16:15:00 Sep 9th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Ecstasy II):

armories, towers, taverns, warehouses all employ people so they will pay taxes... like production buildings, they take 5 workers per building

17:02:31 Sep 9th 12 - Isul (Mr. Isul II):

Thanks. And the taxes detail is important too.

19:00:25 Sep 9th 12 - Horas Porius (Mr. Pom):

What is the difference between Tax and Gold?

22:46:17 Sep 9th 12 - Mr. Dacarta:

Tax is what the people in the city pay to live there. Gold is what comes from the mines in that city.

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