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Why can i see halfling scouts
00:17:00 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Urist Mcminer:


Im in starta and i can see halfling scouts. I thought they were meant to be invisible? I think the Starta has just reset too so we're all in protection.. so the scouts couldnt have been spelled.

I cant seem to find a change log anywhere on VU so i dont know if its been purposefully changed.

00:23:35 Jun 29th 11 - Ms. Elisa Day:

If you have scouts out there close enough to Halfer scouts you will be able to see them. That was the new thing added. I think if there are only towns around, then you cant see them, other scouts get to see them if they are close by...
I am sure you cant see all Halfer scouts, just some :) Try moving some more scouts around, see if you can see any more of them...

00:25:23 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Urist Mcminer:

Ah nice one, thanks.

Any idea on where i can find these updates, or arnt they 'published'?

15:12:47 Jun 29th 11 - Sir Horus XVI:

they are listed, but the subtleties are something that i think are fun to discover on your own

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