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Why is this
19:45:45 Sep 29th 09 - Mr. Norse Mystic:

Why is the production of this city i took so bad  when next to the moutnains with stats like this

Empl. Prod. Morale Gates
100% 29% 100% No gates

This city has 30145 peasants who are working as hard as they can.
There is space for 13373 more buildings and at this time we can build a maximum of 0 structures or 0 more walls.
It costs 826 gold, 155 tree and 206 stone ( 1653 for walls) to build one building. Each building can take up to a maximum of 25 days to build.

Houses 25 people.
Built: 3701 Build:
In construction: 404
Homes filled: 33%

Each farm produces around 3 food per day.
Built: 35 Build:
In construction: 0

Each mine produces around 2 gold per day and around 2 stone per day.
Built: 20472 Build:
In construction: 0

Each lumbermill produces tree.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Magic Towers
Will defend your city from magic and make it much easier for your wizards to cast long range spells.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Gives extra defence and increases line of sight.
Built: 2000 Build:
In construction: 0

Increases the morale in your city and the armies stationed in the city.
Built: 15 Build:
In construction: 0

Lowers training time and makes you able to train more troops in your colony.
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Stores one hundred times more resources than farms/mines/mills.
(All buildings can store an unlimited amount of resources)
Built: 0 Build:
In construction: 0

Multiplies the defence (max walls gives 100% extra defence) and increase the preparation time when attacking your colony.
Built: 0 / 1275 Build:
In construction: 0
Defence modifier: +0%

When you destroy buildings they will become Wreckages and will disappear over time.
Wrecked buildings: 0

19:48:26 Sep 29th 09 - Fire Lord Nova The Incinerator:

Prod 29% = didn't have enough pez for a really long time. As prod drops it adjust the output of mines/farms/lumbermills accordingly. As well as training times or build times.

19:49:01 Sep 29th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

you need 102,360 peasants for max production, it is so low because ur population is low, once it goes up it will move to 7/5 or whatever.

22:39:34 Sep 29th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

if you got slaves from your take over, add them to the city and that would help.

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