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17:59:22 Dec 30th 08 - Duke Snake:

Ok...I might sound kinda dumb saying this...but how the heck do you get armies into other worlds?!?!

21:11:54 Dec 30th 08 - Mr. Sloth:

move to the edge of the map

18:48:27 Dec 31st 08 - Duke Snake:

tried that already

19:25:05 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Elsin:

Move closer.

You can only move to worlds that are open.

07:26:41 Jan 1st 09 - Duke Michael Deallus:

Look HERE and see if that solves your problem.  Look to see what worlds are open.  You can only go into worlds that are considered FULL.  Check the news to find out which worlds are open. 

19:57:15 Jan 3rd 09 - Mr. Nebula:

I'm in Starta and can't move armies to Fant.  Anybody else in Starta who has moved armies to Fant?


20:30:56 Jan 3rd 09 - Mr. Sloth:

people have done it

21:04:02 Jan 3rd 09 - Mr. Killer:

Nebula, it's quite tough. Move your army over beside the edge(not into the green blobbly bit), then wait until it reaches there. Move it to around half the army into the green bit, then move it over as far as you can without getting the error thing. Wait for one tick, and it will hopefully be in Fantasia.

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