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Worlds to join
10:08:30 Dec 29th 08 - Sir Mcaradee:

Hello everybody,

I've only just started into the new era - had been away for christmas. When entering the game, I found that the only accessible world is Nirvana. It seems quite unlikely that the other worlds are already full - right?
So what might be the reason for this?


10:16:07 Dec 29th 08 - Mr. Frankie:

Lol in all honesty all the other worlds are full dude. News and Updates is were ZeTa posted when ever a world became full

10:27:37 Dec 29th 08 - Sir Mcaradee:

So, at least we can't complain about lacking interest in this game. This is good!

11:54:01 Jan 2nd 09 - Mr. Koss:

if you want to join a higher world then joina kd

14:37:00 Jan 2nd 09 - Mr. Sutekh:

or walk there ;D
(yeas, this is new update, Mcaradee)

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