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09:11:20 Apr 17th 10 - Mr. Omgbananas:

do GT's also require pez to actually offer defense? Or is it possible for them to operate without pez?


also, does military science affects GT's? What about morale and production?

09:15:51 Apr 17th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

they should operate without pez, they donīt require 5 of them like other buildings do.

Yes military affects the dp power of the GT, +1 one for every lvl I believe.
They donīt affect morale and production.

10:27:04 Apr 17th 10 - Lord Wraith Hearts Wwr:

The peasants can work there to keep Employment up, but they aren't strictly needed to operate

And yea, defence given is 5 + Mil Level

07:02:34 Apr 19th 10 - Mr. Omgbananas:

so if my military level is 8 my GT's are 0/13? :O

07:44:01 Apr 19th 10 - Mr. God Zealots:

They mean 5 x (1+ {Military science level / 10})

08:28:17 Apr 19th 10 - Lord Wraith Hearts Wwr:

Yes Omgbananas

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