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army of the dead question
03:17:55 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Sacredone:

Just a wondering how it works.

If for example you go into battle an suffer huge losses i know it will revive the dead troops on cast army. What I was wondering is if you withdrew all troops from the army didnt add any in just took them out an transfered them to a different army would AotD still bring the troops back that died if cast on that army???? Of course you would leave 1 troop in the army to keep it alive.

03:26:07 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Token of Lost Souls:

I've got a guide that covers questions related to AoTD. 

token's magic guide for dummies 

It should answer whatever you need know.

03:41:05 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Sacredone:

Ive read it but it doesnt answer that specific question i wanted to know. It also doesnt answer if injured troops die do they get added to the dead count after they die from their injuries an thus also get revived with an AotD or is it just outright dead in battle troops...It answers all the other questions though.

04:44:46 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Token:

The answer is yes to your question. But I also covered that in the guide: As long as you don't transfer your dead-troops-army, you're good to go.

Injured troops don't count as troops killed in battle. 


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