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17:44:45 Aug 26th 11 - yorimm (Mr. Protest):

i am warring a small kd. he went past me as i went past him. if i take all of his income city's so  he cant pay upkeep what will happen to his army? i would like to know so i can deside if i should chase him or just take his city's.

17:46:50 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Zero Hour:

His troops die i think because they have no food?I am not sure though

17:50:23 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Pluto:

Morale will start decaying and eventually he'll start losing troops, gradually. 

17:56:16 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Twamao:

it will die if he cant pay upkeep.

18:09:46 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

but if he went past you he will capture ur towns so in the end it wont die unless u freeze it

19:00:44 Aug 26th 11 - yorimm (Mr. Protest):

there are no city's big enough to pay upkeep for a 150k+ army in that direction. but just to know i got it right. first moral will drop and than amount of troops will drop, right.

19:17:41 Aug 26th 11 - Mr. Twamao:


22:30:12 Aug 26th 11 - Binh (Sir Binh The Treasure Hunter):

it'll be a long wait before you see his troops "dropping" as morale only lower 1% every tick if you can't pay upkeep. And you need him below 50% morale and negative income for his army to start leaving. Also, every town he successfully attack will raise his current morale. So unless he just lay around doing nothing for 2+ rl days, you won't see any immediate effects :P

Also fairly simple to happiness the army if he got magic.

01:53:19 Aug 28th 11 - yorimm (Mr. Jura):

k thanks for that. we almost got him. only a matter of time now. is it just me or have the army's gotten slower since a couple of era's?

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