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best ratio for magic city
01:45:33 Apr 12th 10 - Mr. Pump X:

is it 5:1 like the rest or just 1k homes and 58k magic towers? total
size is 57k or whatever

03:11:28 Apr 12th 10 - Sir Mirror:

Like most things, there is no "magic number". It's dependent upon your situation.
You want enough homes that you can store hundreds of thousands of mages without paying upkeep, yet you need enough towers to hit the enemy!
Usually, 10-20k homes is enough.
My standard Magic city will be a 90k, with 10k arms, 20k homes and the rest towers. That gives you great range, lots of space and the ability to train mages on premises.

03:57:35 Apr 12th 10 - Mr. Pump X:

awesome! i will scale that down to my city limits but thanks a ton man.

16:13:51 Apr 12th 10 - Duke Kathandarion:

i always put 15K Armouries , it gives you auto full discount..

16:26:49 Apr 12th 10 - Chancellor Ademo The Cranky Biatch:

Erm. No. 15k is too many. I've never needed more than 10k in a 90k city. (Elf, Human, Halfer)

19:09:34 Apr 12th 10 - Mr. News Network:

15k is old school. it's been changed.

22:42:35 Apr 12th 10 - Mr. Slegna Naila:

Humans dont need armories just use mobilization instead :P

23:54:11 Apr 12th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Yeahup thats what im doing, but if you have armories and you're using mobilization at the same time is works very effectively.


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