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burn and destroy
14:09:56 Dec 27th 11 - Mr. Nayoke The Kid:

does burn and destroy kill peasants and or any troops sitting on top of the selected city or only the troops that are in the city?

17:08:49 Dec 27th 11 - Zond (The Valhalla):

if casted on a city, it burns lumber mills and kills peasants. if casted on an army, it will kill troops in that army.

17:25:23 Dec 27th 11 - Princess Aisha:

Haha Zond, you have been away from the game in months, it shows :P
You cant burn and destroy an army :P

Its Orc special ability "burn and destroy"
It will destroy the city, the army should be ok... Unless its in homes

I am pretty sure I was standing in someone's city and then it went poof
That made me think it was burnt and destroyed...

17:29:50 Dec 27th 11 - Zond (The Valhalla):

ohh. i could swear it said rain of fire -_-

dont laugh at me :P

18:46:56 Dec 27th 11 - Mr. Nayoke The Kid:


18:49:48 Dec 27th 11 - Mr. Vanio:

zondy it looks like you need some sleep mate :D lol

18:52:25 Dec 27th 11 - Zond (General Hug):

shh. late nights are fun :p

21:18:26 Dec 27th 11 - Mr. Vanio:

Especially if you are alone with uncle Jack, right? =D lol

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