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cant build in my cities
21:50:05 Sep 23rd 11 - Mr. Faustus:

So I'm a dwarf that just lost a city that was built next to a mountain that had plenty of extra space in it before i lost it.  Now that i have taken it back i can no longer build in it....what's wrong?  The only thing i can think of is that it is a bug since dwarves can build in to mountains and the other guy could not when it changed hands it became a city that cant grow in to mountains and now that I have taken it back it has failed to revert back in to a dwarf city.

22:15:07 Sep 23rd 11 - Princess Bloodrayne:

When city gets taken over it looses that ability to expand.
So you no longer have that option.

22:15:35 Sep 23rd 11 - Kobuskan (Sir Notorius):

Thats normal, no bug, you should not have lost your city

23:21:05 Sep 23rd 11 - Mr. Faustus:

Well thats BS it should be fixed.  Why in the world would it make sense for dwarves to not be able to build in to mountains cause a troll was in town for a tick?

01:46:19 Sep 24th 11 - Mr. Pluto:

Might suck, but that's just how Zeta made it. 

13:17:37 Sep 24th 11 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrgalon):

Make a suggestion for changing it with arguments etc, and he might do something about it :)

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