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do homes store resources?
22:46:07 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Bran:

well, do they?

22:48:09 Apr 24th 09 - Sir Bob The Builder Smurf:

Mmm...I'm 90% sure they store food; I'm pretty sure I just plundered a city with just Homes 2 ticks ago and got some gold and food

22:57:24 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Killer:

Every building stores an unlimited amount of resources, that probably includes houses.

23:18:02 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Bran:

but it wouldnt make sense to plunder a lumbar mill and get their gold, so maybe theres more to it than its described

23:27:19 Apr 24th 09 - Mr. Bragi:

some % of all the resources are stored in each city i guess =/

20:23:43 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Killer:

Well, resources seem to stay in whatever city they were produced in unless you've got warehouses, but I'm not really sure how it works.

21:24:23 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Abyss:

Mmmmm I believe I heard someone say that your resources are stored equally among all your cities.

Im guessing it depends on the city's size and how much land % it has towards your total land that decides the amount of resources that is stored in that city(10% of total land = 10% of resources stored their) and thus can be plundered from that particular city, with what that city particulary produces being what you'll get more of if you plunder, unless of course they spend that resource before hand then you'll get very little because the resouces of that city and what it stores were spent but thats just a guess :/

21:40:28 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Abyss:

Oh and I forgot to say yes they do store some resources XD

21:42:24 Apr 25th 09 - Mr. Ater The Warlord:

and dont forget slaves:P

21:45:23 Apr 25th 09 - Lady Loud Tone:

Pez need food to survive. So I'm guessing they store a ticks worth of their food in the city. Where else would the pez eat the food from? They'd have to travel to a warehouse/food city to get food. Making them miss their work!

Look at when your on 0 food, negative food income but your food city keeps itself and another city sustained. If say, they didnt store the food. You would lose food from the food city, where would it go if it had nowhere else to be stored? You cant shuttle it over since theres nowhere to store it and you can't add it to your total food, since it never increases.

Just speculating though.

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