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22:04:09 Aug 6th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

why all of a sudden are so many posts being deleted so fast? if it contributes to the thread, it shouldnt be getting deleted. its pissing me off that some of my posts, and other peoples too, are getting deleted and no one can quote it or even discuss it. this is rediculus!

22:12:09 Aug 6th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Could you mention a topic or something where this is happening? Typically posts are deleted for being offtopic, spam, or not contributing anything.

23:35:09 Aug 6th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

for one, the kingdom of muhaniruigire or w.e. sorry, not insulting them but idk how to spell it. another thread was in halfers in the suggestion and improvment thread it happened to me. before i quit it happened to me like 6 times... really? i thought they were both ontopic and didnt have the thing up saying i was breaking rules either.

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