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healing injured troops
01:38:18 Jan 4th 09 - Mr. Mad Maxx:

does anyone know what the % is for healing troops by camping, vs healing troops on the move. thanx

01:53:52 Jan 4th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

it is zero on the move... how much you get when stationary depends on your medicine science.

04:36:41 Jan 4th 09 - Mr. Mad Maxx:

thanx, thats what i thought

04:52:55 Jan 4th 09 - Sir Crimson III:

I think on the science page, though, it says that with a high enough med sci, you will start healing on the move.  I've never researched that high to determine at what sci level and how much...

06:41:15 Jan 4th 09 - Sir Crimson III:

By on the science page, I mean the forum post in the Guides forum.

11:07:35 Jan 4th 09 - Duke Random:

yeah i was under the impression that if you have 5+ then you healed on the move...

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