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how do i get the map
08:09:41 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Jackdaniels:

ok well i have a question you know the maps they have on the news page where theres drawing all over it well i wanted to know how you get one of those just for this era's map instead not that one so i can make and organize an attack effectively this era and other eras to come if any one could help that would be great

08:13:10 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Cygnus Lazarious II:

u mean canvas?

08:15:53 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Jackdaniels:

something like this

08:16:47 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Cygnus Lazarious II:

08:24:28 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Jackdaniels:

is there on for the newer map or is it just for the old map

08:39:09 Nov 8th 09 - Pirate Suqah:

when on the main map: CNTRL + scroll out

17:00:44 Nov 8th 09 - Grand Ape Kongdust:

damn that map makes me happy :)

17:18:25 Nov 8th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

i miss that map

17:31:16 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Stoned Polar Bear:

And I miss walls and merges and wall abuse btching and river hopping btching and bug abuse btching :(

17:52:01 Nov 9th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

I actually liked the old map much more than the one we have now.

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