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how to delete you account
22:34:35 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Winss:

how to delete you account ?

22:35:06 Feb 22nd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

when u going to restart hit Delete your accout.

23:46:52 Feb 22nd 10 - Princess Aisha:

Under Settings


Resign / Restart

If you are near death and only have a few cities and armies left you can choose to resign. Your armies will then disband and the native people will take ownership of your cities.

You currently have too many cities or armies to resign or you are in protection (you can not resign during protection)



But as you can see, you cant delete your accout during protection and you cant quit the game when you still have towns and armies...

14:39:22 Feb 24th 10 - VU Admin:

If you are in protection:

  1. Settle a colony
  2. Release all troops in the army
  3. Raze all buildings in the colony
  4. Wait until the wreckages are gone.

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