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00:25:31 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

guys iv restarted a few days ago n im playin human.

iv com to the stage where im startin to train troops and iv put catapults to training 2 DAYS AGO..........iv just put a new load to trainin but knights this time and they will train quicker than catas even though its more than 48 hours later!

 iv not really thought this through much but doesnt this basically put catas out of the game cos with their new price they give a lot less for the money you invest in them than khights do and they take forever to actually train i mean whats the point of trainin them cos if i actually got attckd now i'd die! even though iv been trainin for 2 full days!


what do peaple that play human think of the new upgrades n does any1 wana share new strategies or ways to optimize playin human?

00:30:56 Apr 27th 09 - Duke Random:

train in bulk, you can StG and have an income now.... human will be close to elf in best race late era imo.


EDIT... think about it... 2.1M income plus 50M StG profits per day.... that is 20k cats each day..... that and your capital will increase assloads all era.....

00:39:55 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

what your sayin makes sense in theory i guess so humans are still a gd race if your a fighter not a farmer

but that still doesnt change the fact that if you hav a big enough armoury with will make trainin catas pointless..............knights are better in attack......almost 3 times better in defence...........and will train in the blink of an eye compare to catas.

also to put your theory of humans being a strong race at the end of era.........its past half way through the era now so how many humans do u see on the hoh of worlds?

00:43:32 Apr 27th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

mmmm there is no use of training level 5s in the game now...level 3s are the best for most races

00:48:52 Apr 27th 09 - Duke Random:

well im not human this era am i?

look at alis human army on fant and hoh means *beep* anyway its all about farmers now that the troop prices are static..... everyone is just whoring away .

and you forget... catas have WAY less upkeep and will move ALOT faster than knights. I'd rather have 500k cats at the end of era than 1.8M knights for the same OP...

01:01:28 Apr 27th 09 - Commander Aligreat:

if your talking about my army, im elf


01:03:08 Apr 27th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

lol owned Random xD

01:14:07 Apr 27th 09 - Sir Samulis The Veribalious:

I don't even use catapults. I just use knights. The cool part about catapults is they don't injure and they are great vs. nazzies if you have a ton. Just store them in a blocker to retaliate when they come near. Kinda like flaks.

01:16:18 Apr 27th 09 - Sir Samulis The Veribalious:

Well, I guess it's because i'm still a *beep*... even after 9 eras of human I still don't know alot.

04:04:09 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

samulis dont use catas for defense.............its no gd........catas are or were the best attackin units but they by far the worst lvl 5 units for defense mayb even the worst defensiv units in the game.

04:06:25 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

random i dont kno about how things r now but it was imposible for a human to get 500k catas in 1 era unless it was a super long era or the human used a bug.

22:16:49 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Mr. Experimental


4/27/2009 4:06:25 AM
random i dont kno about how things r now but it was imposible for a human to get 500k catas in 1 era unless it was a super long era or the human used a bug.

Ask Aligreat about his Epic STG'ing
He Didn't use a bug
It wasn't epic long

22:23:02 Apr 27th 09 - Duke Random:

nope not a bug.... i got 180k catas being pretty inactive two eras ago with increasing troop costs.

I reckon if living from start of this era to end i'd have 500k catas.


also... i swear ali was human :S oops

22:25:15 Apr 27th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

yes ali had an big ass cata armies back than as human with StG.
but he had also landdropped that made it possible its different now.

but you can still get a huge amount of em by using StG :)
and get a nice eco :D

02:08:43 Apr 28th 09 - Mr. Experimental:

ok if this is true then they were usefull back in the day and like i said earlier i thought they were the best attackin unit in the game but thats not what im tlkin about ppl can we please focus.............

i dnt kno if ali had 500k catas in 1 era but you guys are sayin he had them in 1 army..............n unless he wasnt just pumping them into a blocker all era - then he would'v done some fighting n lost a decent amount of troops so lets say a 100k loss of catas in an era is normal for a LUCKY person who also did fighitn then that would mean he had 600k catas roughly in 1 era!...........i'd say that was as likely as an orc winnin an era.........any comments aligreat?

anywho this doesnt change the fact that so far from the points ppl catas in the game is not sensible anymore, right?

02:11:56 Apr 28th 09 - Mr. Fordius:

well thats up 2 yourself.
I would prefer lvl 5 over elites.

mainly as the era has a long run to go.
to save on upkeep and smaller army yet higher off points.
is good enough for me.

but others prefer other troops and higher upkeep and thing.
up 2 your own thingie

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