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09:03:39 Aug 3rd 11 - The red Dragon (Ms. Flame):

Can someone give me a current list of magic because i only find outdated ones for example i should get happiness at lvl 1 and STG at lvl 3 in one and go on and thats incorrect.

Thank you.

01:40:28 Aug 4th 11 - Mr. Snoopy:

Exact definations/effects can be altered to more accurately tell what they really do, but I'll just copy and paste it from another thread. This list is up-to-date.

I am Legend


10:09:26 Apr 19th 11
Utility Scrolls

Spells cast on your own cities/armies or cities/armies belonging to your kingdom.

(lvl 1) Bless: Increase defense

(lvl 2) Magic Protection: Protects you from combat spells.

(lvl 3) Happiness: Increase happiness.
Cure plague: Cures the plague

(lvl 4) Magic Weapons: Gives magic weapons (military science level 5)
(lvl 4) Stone to Gold: Makes stone into gold

(lvl 5) Invisibility: Makes something invisibly

(lvl 6) Army of the dead: Gives you control over army of the dead

(lvl 7) Control time: Makes the time run faster in your cities.

(lvl 8) Ghost Warriors: Creates level 1 troops.

(lvl 9) Armageddon: Ends time

(lvl 10) Nothing

Combat spells

Offensive magic, cast on enemy cities or armies.

(lvl 1) Eye in the sky: Gives you information about the city or army

(lvl 2) Locust: Destroys food, cancel attacks
(lvl 2) Crush Walls: Crushes city walls, no effect on armies.

(lvl 3) Dispel Magic: Remove protecting spells (utility scrolls)
(lvl 3) Anger: Make the morale in cities or armies drop

(lvl 4) Freeze: Slows down armies, building and training.
(lvl 4) Fog: Makes it very foggy around a city/army so that they can not see.

(lvl 5) Earthquake: Destroys buildings and cancel movements
(lvl 5) Rain of fire: Kill troops, peasants and lumber mills

(lvl 6) Steal Science: If the caster of the spell have less science then the target the caster will gain one level. The target will always lose one level if the spell is successful.
(lvl 6) Teleport: Teleports an army or city to a random location

(lvl 7) Ownage: Takes control over the target. Only work if target and caster is the same race!

(lvl 8) Plague: Starts the plague, a disease that will spread among the population and make them die.

(lvl 9) Summon Dragon: The dragon will fly around plundering cities until it's slain by a brave army.

Credits to Old Fat and Lazy.

02:49:10 Aug 4th 11 - The red Dragon (Ms. Flame):


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