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22:48:42 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Dropkick:

whats the max amount of MT's should you have in a magic city? i have read 20k gives max range?

05:45:34 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Insomniac:

I've heard alot of weird stuff for max amount but generally most people will say 20k

06:29:57 Feb 22nd 10 - Duke Salem:


09:20:16 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Dropkick:

ok tyvm

11:20:13 Feb 22nd 10 - Clown Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon:

um i heard that from middle of the map to reach all map its like 40-50k Mts..

16:55:22 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Well i have another question off of this.

If you had a center mage city with 20-40K MTs and then you had outskirt cities with 15K MTs or 30Kish would they act as conduits and relay the magic spells you try and cast from your main magic city? (sort of like Archies do)

17:01:34 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Wraith Hearts Wwr:

Wtf are you smoking, Uther?

17:11:56 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Thats why im asking mate, i've never been a mage before (except for once and that was a super fail)

So im guessing that it doesnt then?

17:12:36 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I dont really mean relay but does it increase your magic power out further?

17:18:15 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Also if you cast bless on a city and it gives you one of those shitty % values like .52% defense increase can you stockpile those spells and cast multiple times.

like if i cast it another time and get another .52% defense added does the 1st .52% and the 2nd .52% add to give 1.04% Defense added?

17:26:13 Apr 13th 10 - The Architect:

No, MT's don't currently do that, however I think it would be an awesome update, it might just make mage worth playing again.  In fact, I think if this were implemented, I might go mage just to play with it.

Also, your range never stops extending with MT's.  After a certain number, it extends less and less, but I'm not entirely sure what that number is.  The fact is though, that the more you have, the bigger area you will cover, that never ceases to be true.  However, bear in mind that the more MT's you have the more you will also lose when casting spells, so it's a give and take.  But either way, there is no "maximum number" of MT's to have in a city.  Just keep building them until your power reaches out to where you want to be.

On a side note, I'd bet that a human mage could to quite well with this, seeing as how their cities can expand to 200K buildings instead of just 90K like the rest of us.  It could be a rather significant increase in a mages range.

17:26:28 Apr 13th 10 - Chancellor Ademo The Cranky Biatch:

No, it doesn't stack.

25k is NOT max range.

and no, no conduit crap either.

17:27:33 Apr 13th 10 - Lord Wraith Hearts Wwr:

Well then...

1) It does not "relay" your power or anything. Don't know where the hell you heard that o.O Archmages or towers.
2) No, it replaces the value.

17:35:30 Apr 13th 10 - Mr. Willem Beunhaas:

i allways use 5 MT's, that all you need if you are awesome...

17:35:20 Apr 16th 10 - Sir Horus VI:

Build 1 magic tower... but a really tall one

17:43:59 Apr 16th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol :P

08:52:43 Jun 26th 10 - Mr. Bonetroll:

lmao - 1 very tall MT coming up !!

Something baffles me when it comes to magic - one moment I am told I have 98% chance of a successful cast but I choose not to cast, ... next tick, having added about 180 more MT's and a heap of MU's on I am expecting to now have closer to 100% success if not 100% but at next attempt I now get only 89% success reported as a possibility !!!!?
- Where has the other 9% gone !!?

This is very majorly baffling as tick after tick I add on over 180MT's  and a heap of MU's but keep getting the same result - what is going on here !!?
... was only at lvl 2 Magic attempting but not actually casting lvl 1 spells

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