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own army enter close gates
09:07:23 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Gabber:

If your city gates are closed, because somebody wants to attack you, is your own army still able to enter the city while the gates are closed?

And what if I open the gates for 1 day to let my army enter will the enemy army enter immediatly?

11:22:07 Mar 30th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Your army can enter the city no matter if the gates are closed. The purpose of the gates is for the city to work as a blocker, you place the city in between terrain on some passage on the map and close the gates. Your armies and armies of your kingdom if you're in a kingdom, they all can pass, other people can't walk over the city. Closed gates do not give you and defensive bonus, and it does not matter if enemy prep you from edge of your city or right in the middle of the city. If they are preparing in middle of the city it does not mean they are in your city. You can not close gates when enemy is preparing the attack on you, you need to close sooner. 

19:41:37 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Evil Soccer:

But if an enemy lands on your city and starts to prep while your gates are open, you can close them and trap them in FOREEEEEVVVVVEEER! BWAHAHAHAHA

21:29:34 Mar 30th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

Did you not read the last sentence? You can not close gates if enemy is preparing your city. You can not open or close the gates. Only way is to close as the army is marching toward the city, once its there its too late. 

Another way to trap enemy is when you have small city and enemy is preparing, your gates closed. Then you put lots of buildings in construction so that the city increases size. Then the enemy would be trapped if your city grows over the enemy army.

23:25:10 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

Trapping how I understand it: 

City A owned by Player B
Army X owned by player Y

1- Gates for A are open
2- Y sets path for X towards A
3 - B changes gates for A to closed
4 - Y never resets the path for X
5- X lands on A 
6- X is trapped

I am not sure if X could merge out if trapped= most likely not

23:34:30 Mar 30th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

He can merge out if his other army can touch his trapped army.
Sometimes you are able to trap the enemy so he's totally inside the city, then they can not merge out any way. Then you can wait till you slaughter the enemy, if you're strong enough.

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