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price for each level of magic
06:14:59 Apr 27th 12 - Heripy (Mr. Fantamos):

I was wondering if anyone had the cost for each level of magic? I found the elf one that is different then all other races, but I assume halflings is higher then normal and so might orc and troll costs for I am asking for a lot of data....but any will help, perhaps as a community we can collect it all. 

I need to know:

Your Race:
Current Magic Level:
Cost for next level:
**If you have other science levels, your data wont be useful. 


06:19:01 Apr 27th 12 - Zond (Lord Ariolation):

Orc is slightly higher than elf, I recorded them at one point. but lost them. 

07:53:28 Apr 27th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

the cost goes up as you buy more.

08:00:14 Apr 27th 12 - Heripy (Mr. Fantamos): how much for each level is what I want to know...

08:15:36 Apr 27th 12 - McMax (Mr. Nobody):

I have some details from some ages between 32-41 with various races I have played in an old Excel spreadsheet.

I could mail it to you (or any) - just write a message to me (I'll delete oth the message and the mail after sending).

08:37:52 Apr 27th 12 - Mr. Ignis Alerteyes The Legendary:

is almost ,the ,same ,as ,the ,elf ,only, a ,bit, lower intill ,y ,reach ,lv ,6 ,then ,yo ,will  ,to ,have ,more ,gold ,then ,the ,elfs ,to ,do ,magic ,science

16:17:11 Apr 27th 12 - Mr. Waldo The Wary:

If you're ONLY running up magic first, I think this is what it cost me last time as an orc:

To achieve:                     Gold                         F/S/T

level 1                               free                            free
level 2                           27,000                         2,400
level 3                         121,500                       10,800
level 4                         364,500                       32,400
level 5                      1,120,500                       99,600
level 6                      3,415,500                     303,600
level 7                    10,381,500                     922,800
level 8                    31,468,500                  2,797,200
level 9                    95,404,500                  8,480,400

Total needed:       142,303,500                 12,649,200

To ballpark other races, use one of your extra characters on a world and just run up 5 or 6 levels of magic. At the higher levels, I think a multiplier of around 3 should give you an idea of how much you'll need to finally hit 8 or 9 for that particular race...

02:25:03 Apr 28th 12 - Heripy (Mr. Orcrolld):

Ill take that consideration into Waldo, I was hoping to get the data a bit quicker then starting a new character every 3 days while I wait for the protection to wear off. Plus, I only have 3 character slots, and I am using them all right now.

If those are actually the costs for orc magic, the actual costs are quite minimal between them and elfs.....especially in the grand scheme of things.

Part of my other goal with this data is to also figure out what halflings and trolls "very expensive" sciences costs actually mean....

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