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question about archmages
21:59:47 Jan 8th 13 - Siepels (Mr. Sieps):

My question is about archmages, do i need to put them in armies with magic units or can they defend themselves pretty good?

Also can i cast spells with them?

22:09:25 Jan 8th 13 - Fordius (Mr. Fordius):

Archmages also have magic defense builded in.

But it's always handy to add some magic units to them to increase the magic defense.

Also if you go all AM's you must have global magic defense ( real magic units somewhere in ur town ) to protect you from SS.
As AM's don't have SS ( science steal ) protection.

22:11:16 Jan 8th 13 - Ms. Aisha:

Addition: You can not cast with Archmages.

04:29:29 Jan 9th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Addition: Archmages are only great in an army if they have high enough magic level (which is the only way to increase there attack and defense) which are effective against foes in the later part of the era.

09:48:24 Jan 9th 13 - Siepels (Mr. Sieps):

i already saw that around 5 magic level (so thats 15 atk and def) they are cheaper and stronger than nazguls. Is this correct?

10:15:13 Jan 9th 13 - Pure (Mr. Che Guevara):

Take into account army upkeep when in an army :P 10 AM = 1 naz so its 30 gold upkeep for the AMs on 3 gold upkeep for the naz. Naz also have the fast movement bonus.

15:13:43 Jan 9th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Generally you want your AMs to be with lvl 8 or 9 magic to be considered a force of an army

00:46:14 Jan 10th 13 - Mr. Bono:

8 is best

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